About Us

Being healthy & happy is always been in trends to detox your body from within, and shine & glow from outside.

We on BloomingDiary share ‘how to stay beautiful!’ , ‘how to stay healthy and fit!’, ‘how to be fashionable with being trendy’. We help you take care of you and your loved ones’ wellness.

We understand the importance of wellness which is self-love, healthy diet, workouts, and taking great care of our body in as well as out.  Everyone’s goals for staying fit is totally different, though. However, personal health is closely connected with our community’s wellness and health outcomes require us to adopt lifestyle changes in us and others. 

We all are in this together, for our blooming future. 

BloomingDiary means?

Blooming is a name derived from the Sanskrit word “Vikaca” which means ‘with radiant’ or ‘of a flower’, in other words healthy and happy.

So as the name refers, a shareable diary with tips and tricks that help you take care of yourself to glow like radiant from in and out. For that, we have to make ourselves to stay fit and healthy from within.