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Hair Care Routine to Get Healthy Hair ‘N’ Beautiful Hair

A hair care routine doesn’t mean simply oiling or shampooing your hair with a good hair product. But It also depends on what you eat? how you take care of your hair every day? what is your weekly or monthly hair routine? how you brush or dry your hair? do you protect your hair in heating summer? what do you do for your hair in winters? etc having any hair type.

There are a lot more questions that you must ask yourself before thinking why my hair is not beautiful, that are you doing best for your hair? I want to help your solve the question with a simple everyday hair care routine to get healthy hair, which I have discussed in parts. Please read the complete blog and follow the routine to get beautiful hair. 

“Because Healthy hair is Beautiful hair.” 

The Right Everyday Hair Care Routine

Getting healthy and beautiful hair depends on the hair care routine you follow on the daily basis. Is it the right way! Let’s know the correct way;

1. Oiling of hair 

It is mandatory to oil your hair regularly, at least once a week. For excessive dull and damaged hair, it is suggested to oil 2-3 days a week by many experts. Massage your scalp with your fingertips gently. Leave it overnight to get the best result. Oiling has lots of benefits from reducing dullness to getting healthy and shiny hair; my favorite coconut oil as it has a lot of benefits for your hair.

2. Shampoo your hair

The work of shampoo work is to wash off the dirt and cleanse off extra oil from hair scalp. The mild, chemical-free shampoo is the best choice to reduce the chance of hair damage. Massage your hair with soft hands, do not rub the hair vigorously while rinsing(never use hot water) the hair. Let the water flow wash off the shampoo from the hair.

Did You Know: Diluting shampoo in a little bit of water before applying it to your hair reduces the effect of the chemical of the shampoo.

3. Use Hair Conditioner (An Important Hair Care Step) 

As you know, conditioner helps moisturize the hair cuticles, provides a protective layer that detangles the hair easily, and protects it from damage. Never forget to use it after shampooing your hair on the wet hair(wash it off in 2 mins). Take a few amounts of conditioner, rub it on your palm and apply from mid-length of the hair to ends with the help of your finger. 

4. Protect your hair with Hair Serum

Like face sun blocker, the hair also needs protection from external damages where serum comes in the role. Other than giving that extra shine, hair serum protects hair from chemicals, sun, dust, and pollutants. Never apply the serum repeatedly on dry hair which makes it greasy and prone to dandruff.

5. Dry Your Hair Naturally

After shampooing plus conditioning your hair you must dry your hair in the right way else it may lead to hair breakage, frizziness, or split-end. We love to towel our hair after a shower, please use a soft fabric. Never let the towel be wrapped for more than 10 minutes on your wet hair, this increases hair dryness and hair breakage. 

Did You Know: Pat drying of hair with a towel reduces frizziness, split-end, and breakage.

6. Hair brushing

Brushing your hair is a mini hair & scalp massage that stimulates blood flow to the scalp increase hair growth. Never brush your wet hair from the root only brush(with a wide tooth brush or wooden one, use a wooden comb) midways from where you apply the serum. Brushing your hair once or twice a day is good, but never unwantedly brush your hair that might weaken the hair cuticles.

Do you know: Losing 50 to 100 hair strands daily is normal, never think you are facing through hair fall problem.

7. Diet to get healthy hair 

Taking care of your hair externally is the one part of the hair care routine to get healthy hair. But taking care of yourself and your hair internally is the plays an important part. We must always consume nutrients or vitamins help in building our hair proteins and get beautiful hair. Add vitamins rich food to your diet routine like; Yogurt(protein), Walnuts(omega-3 fatty acids and biotin), Almonds(zine & Vitamin E), Spinach(vitamins A and C). 

Boun Point: Never sleep with open hair. It is very important to comb your hair make a loose breed of hair then go to bed. Never sleep with wet hair and take a stress-free sleep.  

Haircare Routine Once a Week

For those who really want lovely and shiner hair then you must add a weekly routine for your hair. Weekly routine as in doing hot oil massage or a hair mask that helps you keep hair and scalp healthy, strengthen your scalp, reduces hair falls and dandruff. Go for a full natural homemade hair mask. 

Monthly Hair Care Routine 

Why once a month Hair care routine is important? Yes you might be thinking daily and weekly pampering is enough, but remember you are only focusing on your scalp and less on hair length. We must also take care of our length of hair which easily gets dry & needs extra care. Adding deep conditioning treatments or spa once a month keeps our hair bouncy, add shine to your hair, reduce hair frizz, solves the breakage issue. 

It is equally important to trim your hair every 2-3 months that help in faster hair growth. This also helps trim out all the damaged hair from the end, easy to manage.

Seasonal Hair Care Routine 

Like our body, the different seasons also affect our hair from how they feel. In the summer, the sun exposure can damage your hair, always apply hair serum before stepping out(only after washing your hair). In the monsoon, the distribution of heat n humidity can cause hair fall, try and wash your hair alternatively. Unlikely in winter hair & scalp get dry that could cause hair fall more than usual. Use oil often to nourish your hair and keep hair moisturized. However, drink lots of water in every season as water plays an important role in the hair care routine to get healthy hair.

Final words

If your healthy from within you and your hair will shine from outside forever. Eat good food and pamper yourself well. 

I hope you like this blog, follow these discuss tips here.  Always stay healthy, beautiful, and happy.

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