What are the Benefits of going Vegan for Skin, Health, and the Planet?

There are many positive effects of veganism on the environment, your skin, health, and in many ways. Veganism means plant-based food. To call upon a vegan diet is like eating only fruits and veggies, by completely ignoring the animal products such as animal meat, eggs, honey, and dairy products. That straightly means food from plants is in but food from an animal is out including the milk and its by-products! 

Now the question that arises here is why go vegan? How only plant-based food is good for health and the planet? Going vegan has many direct and indirect benefits to our health, skin, planet, climate, and animals. Let’s continue the reading and put some light on what the vegan diet benefits include?

According to scientific research, there are a lot more benefits of going vegan if we compare it to omnivore or carnivore diet approaches. 2021 will see new trends of going vegan for a healthier society.

Lets finds out in this blog

Benefits of Going Vegan/Veganism

1. Vegan diet benefits for skin:- Intake of antioxidants like fruits and vegetables helps to rejuvenate the skin and makes it perfectly healthy internally. Facts say that veggies diet centered reduces carbon footprints which mean skin gets fully oxidized and cleansing appearance internally.  

2. It is quite impactful on climatic conditions:- Going vegan is good to reduce the impact of climate change because sources say that opting for beans instead of beef has helped in the reduction of green house effects. How? Agriculture production needs to be less usage of greenhouse gases than poultry farms and cattle serving. We all know green house gas emission is really harmful to climate change.

3. Vegan diet benefits in saving water:-Eating vegetarian food cut out wastage of water as sources say that agriculture production needs to have 70% of water usage but if we see to the other hand butcher takes around 100 gallons of water to produce clean meat. Hence, around if only agriculture food we prefer it take 37% of water consumption and rest could be avoided if at least 50% of the population leave the non-vegetarian diet.

4. Controls the death rate of animals:- Eating more plants and less of animal products could prevent 11 to 12 million premature deaths from heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions every year, according to the researchers. Also, it is good for going vegan because eating only fruits and vegetables lowers the risk of heart disease, lowers cholesterol levels. But need to have a complete intake of nutrients, fiber, protein and vitamins.

Do you know- The vegan diet is generally considered to be rich in fiber and lower in cholesterol than an omnivorous diet. Also, there are alternatives of chicken, and eggs soy, nuts, flaxseed, Chia Seeds as veganism food.

What Should We Eat in a Vegan diet and What Should not to!

Food What to eat? Before restricts our diet chart needs to control the complete balance of calcium, protein and minerals. 

  • Fruits and vegetables (green leafy vegetables are a good source of minerals)
  • Dry-fruits, nuts and seeds
  • Legumes i.e  peas, beans and lentils (protein-rich)
  • Breads, grains, rice (Good fat)
  • Soya milk, almond milk or coconut milk (calcium)
  • Vegetable oils

Food Not to eat !

  • Cheese, butter, and ghee
  • Meat, chicken, or any other animal meat
  • Fish, crabs, etc
  • Eggs
  • Milk, Ice-cream, cream, paneer
  • Honey

Last words

Vegetarian is a good diet if you want to stay healthy and lose unwanted fat, but avoiding dairy products is quite risky for some people because it directly affects the calcium intake. So before going on to a vegan diet you need to plan your diet according to your complete nutrient intake. Also if you feel any weakness, sickness, or any type of stroke then just stop ignoring dairy products just restart having them. That is what are the benefits of going vegan? But it is a bit too risky also if you are a hardcore non-vegetarian

Stay safe and healthy!!


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