2021 Skincare Trends India

Predictions for 2021 Skincare Trends in India

The year 2020 has passed away with very huge regrets and pandemic situations. Positively, if we look for, is new experiments in beauty regimes. As people have approached themselves with “me time” in India and in many countries! Due to which people have to limit themselves to look after their health and wellness by feel good and look good for self-motivation. This brings new skincare trends 2021 in India with more customize skincare brands, new cosmetics root in natural ingredients, and many more.

What will this year(2021) Bring? If the past year has taught us anything, then the lesson goes- it’s impossible to predict. Still, It seems that some common points can be seen from afar. This will be a year of seeking balance. 

Let me throw some light on new predictions that will hit the year 2021 with skincare trends in India.

A New Science Our Skin Microbiome

ACNE TREATMENT has always inspired professionals to look for better and more. The emphasis in 2021 will be on gentle, but extremely effective anti-acne ingredients in line with the microbiome while respecting natural skin processes.

We no longer strive to kill bacteria but to nurture the complete skin microbiome to establish the natural skin flora.

For a while the trend has to dry out the skin, then the trend moved to treat the skin with aggressive ingredients, But now it seems that we are entering the realm of respecting the microbiome.

The skin is a complex organ of a diverse microbiome, and the development of skincare is beginning to respect the natural processes that take place on it.

Retinol In Every Bag

Firstly, know what is Retinol? Retinol is a form of vitamin A which our body produces naturally. Essentially vitamin A helps to boost cell turnover for new plumper skin.

Benefits of Retinol

  1. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Brightens skin and complexion
  3. Unclogs pores
  4. Fades dark spots
  5. Increase collagen production
  6. Treats acne

Disclaimer- Avoid Retinol if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant

How ingenious retinol is, we have known that for more than 50 years. How awful some of its side effects are that’s the fears of the past. 

To get the best out of it, the Industry is moving in the direction of creating perfect retinol serums paired with the gentlest and nourishing ingredients. Such combinations allow us to get the desired retinol effect while eliminating the side effects. 

Azelaic Acid a Big Trends for 2021  

Although this Azelaic acid has been in use in dermatological offices for many years. It’s only now entering the world of pop culture. Azelaic acid is great because it acts on the cause of acne, relieves redness, and helps the skin to recover faster.

Another well-tolerated acne treatment ingredient that is gaining in popularity. 


Gentle exfoliator is in line the new trend, I believe we will see more and more exfoliants paired with highly hydrating and soothing ingredients to prevent the undesirable effects of exfoliation.

What does exfoliating actually do?

  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Unclogs pores
  • Allows new skin cells to penetrate, for glowing skin

2021 Skincare Continues by 2020 New Trends

2020 gave many new skincare brands or your can say product that will rise its roots in year 2021.

1. Customize Skincare Products

Customize skincare(or haircare) products will a big thing in 2021 in beauty/wellness industry as it developed its root in 2020. Why it is popular among the skincare trends 2021 for India, because every customize product is designed according to the need and requirement of the customers problem. Indian brands like skincraft and vedix are the popular ones’. 

2. At Home Beauty Gadgets 

Beauty gadgets have become more innovative, and blown up over the past few months like facial roller, as more people are staying at home. Now that gadgets have revolutionized and can solve almost every skin dilemma, these gadgets have become a staple to our beauty regime.

3. Maskne treatment products

Maskne problems were very famous in 2020 but still is a big issues this year(2021). Jovita George, a influencer tell us about how to prevet and treat maskne with minimal skincare products.

How to prevent maskne?

If you are wearing a cloth mask, wash it daily. If you are wearing a disposable mask, try to replace it as often as possible or allow it to air out between uses.

How to treat maskne?

If you start developing these types of breakouts, be gentle on your skin. Don’t overly treat that area with all of your anti-blemish products. Use a face wash with salicylic acid which is a great ingredient to help unclog pores. For hydration, use products with hyaluronic acid and a moisturizer to help build a healthy barrier between a mask and skin.

4. Ingredients are getting more transparent

People are now getting smarter, now everyone of us are aware of what are the ingredients? how the ingredients function on what skintype? Never be afraid of asking your therapist questions regarding what is the carbon footprints in the product.

Skiniminimalist Trend for 2021 

You must be thinking that what does this word meant. This is a new wave of 2020 which says “NO” to makeup, lesser buying beauty products, or minimizing the beauty shelves by just adopting the new way of glowing your skin naturally.

Dermatologists and estheticians have recommended and praised having a simple but effective skincare routine. This means using fewer products that contain effective ingredients enabling you for the best looks!

1. Personal Hygiene: 

Those peaky hand sanitizers are getting a makeover. Scents, deodorants, or perfumes are getting much-needed upgradation, thankfully with more hydrating molecules! yayyyyy!!

2. Face Yoga: 

Face yoga is a perfect blender with zero product as helps to nourish your face skin cells by which you attain glow and release facial tension. If you know the tricks to rebuild your jawlines then this is like blessings! Follow Ramdev for this and start releasing your stress and get ready for your side poses because this is going to be trendy with zero investment. 

3. Natural Makeup: 

This consists of using minimum beauty products and get clear and flawless skin. This way you find your skin getting easier and lighter.

4. Multi-functional Skincare 

Will this be the end to the ordinary single-ingredient skincare? With the surge and demand for all-in-one skincare(e.g different actives in one toner), people are looking to minimize and strip back their skincare routine. Instead of using multiple ingredient products, you can now purchase single products that contain multiple actives, targeting all kinds of skin concerns such as anti-aging, redness, dry-skin all in one bottle!

Probiotic Skincare

This is a new buzzword, which combines probiotics and pre-biotics which balance out the skin! Basically, it balances your skin and body from the inside out by probiotics a day. This will help you to heal your gut, glowing skin is likely to appear. Also, it boosts your skin’s microbiome resulting in diminishing inflammation, acne, and dryness.

Final Words

Always look forward to adopting new things from the new session of time. Make new approaches and build new trends. Skincare trends in India for 2021 are discussed here, Let’s see what will hit the whole year from the shared predictions! 

Keep an eye out for these up and coming trends for skincare this year 2021 and If you know something more trending regarding this. Please do share in the comment section.

Hope you like my approach to it!! Always Stay healthy & Happy !

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