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How to Take Good Care of Your Lips Naturally at Home?

The smile on your face gives a final touch to its beauty. Similarly, healthy and beautiful lips enhance your smile. It’s just like the icing on a cake. But lips need extra care because of its tenderness and absence of oil glands which makes it a little hard to moisturize always. Hence, the lips get dry and chapped more frequently. There are other causes as well that make your lips dark, dry, and damage. In this blog, I will put some light on some good lip care tips to take care of your lips naturally and prevent them from any causes.

So, if you love to click selfies with the perfect pout without wearing a lip color to impress your partner then you have to give an extra effort to protect your lips from being damaged.

Why Do Lips Need Extra Care?

Do you know that your lips have a vermillion border? Which is the prime factor of its natural color change like red to pink. Also, I’ll share with you an interesting fact over here is that your lips are an integral part of your oral health. So, to make lips healthy you need to practice good health routines and prevent disease. Because prevention is better than cure!

Some Preventions to Avoid Lip Damage

Continue reading and get to know some unknown causes of dark and dry lips, with good lip care tips for its prevention. 

1. Say no to tobacco and quit smoking: Both of them are injurious to health. It can cause oral cancer. Initially, it will make your lip section darkened and wrinkled skin around the lips. The best possible thing is to take steps forward and quit these habits and make healthy lips.

2. Be careful of eczematous cheilitis also called lip dermatitis: This can be subdivided into-

(a) Irritant contact cheilitis. Majorly it is due to lip licking, other common causes are bad cosmetic usage, foods, and environmental factors.

(b)Allergic contact cheilitis. It can be caused due to used lipsticks or lip care products(i.e allergic person), toothpaste and dental-related products, and nail varnish.

3. Be aware of canker or cold sores: Basically canker sores occur inside your mouth and cold sores outside the mouth. Cold sore is also known as herpes labialis. oral herpes spread due to personal contact with an infected person. for example, kissing. Medication will help in speed healing and surely reduces recurrence.

4. Prevent leukoplakia: This disease is the root cause of tobacco and alcohol intake. You can identify it when you notice white patches around lips, tongue, cheeks, or mouth. Ignorance of this can show early signs of cancer which will not be treated with medication. It will need to have surgery.

Some Lip Care Tips with Home Remedies

Generally, direct exposure to sun rays, or having an autoimmune body, infections, and allergies causes lip dryness, redness, cracking, or chapped lips. So, to make your lips healthy and naturally colored, then try the below-mentioned suggestion to avoid any lip dryness and other mentioned damage without any fall.

Did You Know: Massaging your navel(नाभि) area with ghee or coconut oil for 5 min before going to bed helps soften your lips. 

Best life savior for dry skin from Indian ancient times.

1. Exfoliate your lips with scrub: exfoliating removes dead layers of the lip and helps to regrowth new cells. Use any sugar scrub or honey and gently rub on your lips until flakey or dead skin gets to detach from the lips. After 6-8 min rinses it off. Alternate with Mixtures of honey, lemon, and glycerine to help scrub your lips.

2. Improve Blood Circulation: use any petroleum jelly, and massage it on your lips with a damp cloth in a circular motion and remove the dead skin.

3. Moisturize your Lips: Mix 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to 1 teaspoon of honey.  Apply it to the cracked or dry lips and give a massage for 10 minutes. This will work as a scrubber. All dead skin will be removed. Now apply ghee or malai and take a nap.

4. Coriander leaves for dark lips: Mix fresh coriander leaves juice with 2 tablespoon lemon juice. Apply on your dry or black lips and clean after 15 min. This will turn your lips red.

5. Avoid biting or licking your lips: licking is not the solution to dry lips, they need moisture. If you lick your lips then you know what could happen within a time period. So, be careful.

6.Keep yourself fully hydrated: eating a healthy diet and drink a lot of water every day is the best way to be hydrated enough.

7. Always remove makeup from lip before bed: It is quite possible that you clean your face but some traces of lipstick sit on your lips. So, use cotton balls and remove them gently to breathe fresh with no traces of color in it.

8. Add Natural color to your lips: Daily application of beetroot juice to your lips will add natural color in a healthy manner.

9. Repair dead & Dry Lips: Daily apply coconut oil (dry lips) / olive oil (chapped lips)/ equal amount of olive oil and almond oil(dead skin) before going to bed.

10.Lighten your dark lips: Take 4 drops of coconut oil, 6 drops of tomato juice. Mix them well, and massage on your dark lips. This will make your lips healthy and refreshing.

Ending my thoughts

Being a girl, we all love to wear lip colors, but no such artificial color will give you perfect pout until and unless your lips aren’t well cared for! Sometimes we do not know how to take care of our lips in a proper way. I hope with the help of this piece of knowledge, you will take a step forward and use the given good lip care tips to make your smile perfect!

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