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Skincare Tips for Indian Skin Tone Girls/Women

Hey! Welcome to my new research on the best skincare for the skin type of Indian women. Why am I focusing on Indian skin? Because we Indians have little different kinds of skin in terms of color, texture, and type. Where it took very long to understand what most beneficial skincare tips for Indian skin for healthy-looking skin other than getting a fairer skin by the beauty world. India falls in the region of direct sun exposure and the ultraviolet radiation affects our skin more harshly unlike other countries. 

What is the Indian Skin Tone Type? 

Indian skin has a thicker skin texture if compared to other people from different regions in the world. Indians have a wheatish skin tone with concern to have pigmentation and are susceptible to tanning but not sunburn. Therefore, Indian tone skin falls under a type of 3-6 skin, according to the “Fitzpatrick scale measurement”. If we observe or think a little harder about the reason behind it I scout the basic root cause of different skin types is the changing climatic conditions from east to west, north to south India. 

“Did you know: Most of our Indian skin has a melanin-rich skin type, which needs different care and attention.

If we talk about the capital of India, “The Delhi”, its climate changes within every six months like dead hot summers and pleasant cold winters. “The Mumbai”, is full of surprising rains hence causing humidity, “The Bengaluru” is blessed with pleasant weather. So, considering these climatic situations I have surveyed the best skincare for the skin tone of Indian women concern of top dermatologists across the country.

So, not wasting a minute of yours, let me share with you some tips for Indian (with; dusky or wheatish Indian skin tone).

Daily Skincare Tips for Indian Skin Women

Indian skincare is a kinda secret regime, you need to be careful about your skin type. Having something and knowing something are two different poles of our nature. Better to know your skin type first and then use recommended skincare tips.

  • Sensitive skin– you will feel a burn sensation after every product use
  • Dry skin– Your skin will look flaky or rough in touch.
  • Oily skin– Oily and greasy 
  • Normal skin– clear with no flaws
  • Combination skin– some area will be oily and the other will be dry

Now, from the above information, you can easily relate your skin type 


  1. Just rub a lemon with a little bit of besan on the blackhead area. Use this skincare tip twice a week and you will observe the change.
  2. Completely change to gel-based moisturizer or lotion. 
  3. Use a salicylic acid-based face wash to deal with oil obstruction and reduce pore obstruction easily.


  1. After coming back to your home, always clean your face with clean lukewarm water to remover all the dirt, and quickly apply moisturize your face to help the skin to breathe again freshly.
  2. Our skin falls off some dead cells in a regular interval of time. So to deal with it you need to exfoliate your skin by scrubbing hence the removal of dead cells and make way for happier, newer, and healthier skin.
  3. Once or twice a month, take steam. This will help your skin pores to open and rinse the unwanted dirt removal.

All Type of SKIN

  1. Cut a cucumber into pieces and put them on your eyes if you are having dark circles, baggy eyes, or can say puffy eyes directly. Also, it relaxes your eyes from tiredness.
  2. Use curd or raw milk on your face regularly is one of the best skincare tips for Indian skin. The lactic acid in curd/milk treats tanning and gives you glowing skin. Just wash your face clean and apply it directly. 
  3. Avoid makeup if possible because it will obstruct your pores.
  4. Never forget to carry biodegradable/organic face wipes along with sunscreen wherever you move out of your house. When you feel sweaty just wipe and reapply sunblock on your face, neck, and hands or area which comes under direct exposure to the sun rays. It acts as physical protection like an umbrella or can say scarves you wear on your face or neck.

Improve Your Skincare Habits/Routine

Skincare is a part of our daily habits. Making a change and understanding what is good or what is not the right for the skin of Indian which makes a better habit. Here are some points to remember, implement them as the skincare routine to groom your every skin type.

  • Make a habit of moisturizing your skin as a daily routine.
  • Add the usage of serum according to skin concerns, before applying moisturizer.
  • Build good bathing habits- Avoid hot showers, always use a mild body wash, never take a bath more than 10 minutes.
  • Always keep a deep check before buying the products as they are made with harsh chemicals.
  • Keep your body and skin hydrated. So, drink plenty of water.

Last words

According to the research by a dermatologist, Indians are facing pigmentation problems which is a common skin concern. Pigmentation under-eye circles (melasma, periorbital melanosis) and pigmentation around the mouth (perioral melanosis) makes the Indian into a different category. Hence, it needs a proper skincare regimen to follow.

In this piece of knowledge, you will find the best skincare tips for Indian skin. No need to waste your money on costly or unnecessary products. Just use what best suits your skin type and enjoy the beautiful you!

Hope you like it, stay healthy and happy always!!

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