Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil for Daily Beauty Regimen

‘I have been a very big fan of coconut oil after learning what skin benefits coconut oil owns. Being a self-love person, it is one of my favorite products to solve my beauty concerns.‘ Be it dry hair or scaly scalp, skin blemishes, dry lips, dandruff, etc. Here, I’ll discuss some of the surprising use of coconut oil for beauty care, and its beauty benefits in our daily life.

What is Coconut Oil Skin Benefit?

Coconut oil contains natural saturated fat with compromised medium-chain fatty acids, the only source of which makes it incredibly magical for the skin. Chemical substances like phytonutrients and polyphenol make it a super antioxidant agent. With tissue supportive and protective properties of the oil act as a skin moisturizer that helps in reducing acne, skin infections, and other skin conditions. The substance that boost-up the nutrient of coconut oil is Lauric acid with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal properties.

How to Use Coconut Oil in Beauty Care?

As the topic says, there are various skin & health benefits of coconut. Let’s dig in with some beneficial use of coconut oil for beauty care, to make you and your skin feel beautiful and happy;  

Benefits of using coconut oil for hair

  1. Treats dandruff; with Oleic Acid and medium-chain triglycerides property in coconut oil help reduce dandruff and stimulates hair growth with consistent use. Also, coconut with a few drops of lemon is the best combination for dandruff treatment.
  2. Reduce frizziness, split ends, and breakage of hair; coconut oil contains a high concentration of lactic acid which nourishes the that helps reduce the protein loss and reduce any breakage. 
  3. Deep conditioning; using coconut oil as an overnight treatment hair mask helps improve the lost texture and the shine of the hair. 
  4. Coconut oil is a natural hair protectant; that protects your hair from heat or any harsh chemical. If you regularly use a heat styling tool, apply a few drops of coconut oil all over your hair. Comb it to spread it evenly to style your hair.
  5. Treat dry and flaky scalp; the linoleic Acid properties of coconut oil moisturizes the scalp and locks the moisture of the hair.
  6. Boost regrowth of new hair; oiling has lots of benefits for hair. The coconut oil is a source of lauric acid & antioxidants which give a boost for new hair growth.

Use of coconut oil for your face

  1. As a Preface wash method or face cleanser. This process deeply cleans the extra dirt and leaves behind naturally healthy & glowing skin.
  2. Face scrub; adding some drops of coconut oil with natural sugar lemon scrub or any other scrub. It improves the blood circulation without making it extra dry after scrubbing.
  3. Coconut oil Face mask; is very beneficial for deeply hydrated and nourished the skin. The exhibit antioxidants properties of coconut oil soften, supples, and give a radiant glow to the skin.
  4. Act as a Face Moisturizer; with medium-chain triglycerides properties of coconut oil, it is a great source of moisturizer. Having said the benefits of coconut oil, it protects the skin from bacteria, reduces blemishes, pigmentation, and acne.
  5. Normal or waterproof makeup remover; the detergent effect of the oil removes heavy as well as waterproof makeup naturally (one of my favorite makeup remover).
  6. Massage oil and a Night cream; massaging your face with coconut oil as a daily night routine, restore the damaged skin, improve the elasticity, and solve almost every skin problem.

Coconut oil benefits for Eye

  1. Eye cream; say goodbye to costly eye creams, massage your eye with coconut oil. The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties help reduce dark circles, eye bags, and fine lines without any side effects.
  2. Eyelash growth serum; want long eyelashes? Give it deep nourishment with coconut or castor oil to give a growth boost to the lashes. 

Use coconut oil for happy lips

  1. Lip scrub; treat your chapped/freaked lips with scrubbing your lips. Just take fewer drops of coconut oil with sugar/salt.
  2. Lip balm; the moisturizing benefit of coconut oil which works great for your dry and chapped tips. It also gives your lips the shine effect, also used as lip gloss.

Use Coconut oil for body

  1. A body Exfoliator; Coconut oil mixed with salt or sugar does a great job to smoothen or reduce any scars from the skin. Always wash your body with cold water after the finish of the scrub to avoid any pores clog issues.   
  2. Before Shaving balm for hands/legs; is it difficult to find a good shaving cream or balm for your hands and legs. Spread coconut oil, then shave it as usual. Results; a smoother surface to shave, cut free shave, softer, and irritation-free skin.
  3. Hydrating lotion; Use coconut oil in place for your expensive lotions. Coconut oil can act as a wonderful hydrating lotion for dry legs & hands. Your hands/legs also need extra care to feel happy, other than your face. 
  4. Lighten dark elbow & knee; with the presence of lactic acid benefits, coconut oil helps lighten the dark knee & elbow.
  5. As a nail cuticle oil; after every mani and pedi procedure apply coconut to your nail cuticles to give sufficient moisture to the cuticles.
  6. Pre-bath massage oil; From ancient times, the beauty benefits of coconut oil have been nourishing people’s skin. It has been used as a pre-bath massage oil to get rid of dryness, body acne, or any kind of scars.

Always Remember: Wash off the coconut oil application with lukewarm water to get the benefits and avoid skin clog.

Last Words

Coconut oil is with Indian beauty care for many years now, and it is almost safe for everyone with any type of hair, face, and body. From 100 of 1 people are allergic to coconut products(like; oil or milk), who need to avoid the use of coconut oil in any beauty care regimen. The best alternative to coconut oil is; olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, and etc; with equal beauty benefit like coconut oil.

I hope this blog is helpful, please comment if i’ve missed any coconut oil benefits and use.

Stay Healthy, Happy & Safe.

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